Erica Lynne Sex Tape
Erica Lynne Sex Tape
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Well-behaved women never make history.  Erica Lynne is making history as we speak with her new sex tape, and this bad girl with bad behavior is ready for her close up…of her vagina.  Who wants to be good when you can be so bad and have hot sex!  I am sure you didn’t watch Miami’s Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen network, but you will definitely want to keep close tabs on this show now after you find out about Erica Lynne…

\On the reality television show Bad Girls Club (the fifth season) Erica Lynne was the baddest bitch on the scene.  The format of the show films a group of rebellious women in their twenties and puts them all under a house provided by the network.  These women all have different races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations - which makes for good television when these roommates get feisty and fester with mood swings.  You wouldn’t believe what happens when all these women get together! 

Erica Lynne is the former ‘trash talking cheerleader’ and she is blond curvy and has a booty that would make any man drool.  Erica Lynne’s new sex tape is so bad, and you can see her every which way having red hot sex with her ‘boo’ Adrian.  Adrian is going to get…that ass from behind to pay her back for all that trash talking. 

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